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Steering and Suspensions

Steering and Suspension Repair | Best Auto Repair in Rockville MD

Most vehicles, except some hybrids and electric, have a hydraulic steering system that allows the driver to turn the steering wheel without great effort.
The power steering system consists of different parts: a rack and pinion assembly with in and out tie rod ends, connected to the front wheels, a piston inside the rack and pinion that moves with pressurized fluid from the power steering pump that helps turn the wheels, and a reservoir that contains the liquid mounted on the pump or installed at a distance for easier access. (In case there is not enough liquid, the turn will become more difficult, and both the pump and the rack can be damaged because there is no liquid to soften them). Therefore, it is important to frequently check the fluid levels of the power steering and add it when necessary.
In our workshop, you will find professional help to identify and correct faults in the hydraulic system of your vehicle.

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